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Skateboarding is easily the greatest thing in the world and one of my biggest passions in life. I love everything there is about the sport; the rush, the style, the people, the image, the satisfaction of landing a trick, just everything. 
This is something that if I could, I would dedicate every bit of my time towards. Even though I’m not that good, it’s just as exciting watching one of my favourite pros land a trick down a famous gap in California that I’ll probably never see in my lifetime, as it is attempting a trick I know I’m not going to land, only to fall flat on my face. There is something indescribably exhilarating about skateboarding that I think far too many people are missing out on. I just wish I had more people to share my passion with and to spread the good word so the rest of the world could understand what they’re missing out on. 
This was random as fuck.

I don’t have many outlets to express myself, this being the only one, but I just really wanted to let whoever who decided to read this know that I think skateboarding is pretty fucking amazing.